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Bachelor of Arts 

(Mass Communication)

This course grants bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, which is commonly considered as being pre-requisite for entering into any field of media in entry-level to subordinate positions. The syllabus of this condensed prolific course is all-encompassing, and covers education and information about all fields of the media (print media, radio, TV, films, and internet), necessary mass communication skills in each field, media laws and ethics, media planning and strategies, brand management, and required qualities (including leadership and innovation) to carve a prestigious and creditable niche for oneself in the concerned media field. Employment avenues available to them after completion of this course will be journalism and specialized reporting, feature writing, editing, publishing, TV and film industry (scriptwriting, direction, production, filmmaking, etc), public relations, advertising, and so on. 



Firsy Year - Subject Listing

  • Principles of Writing
  • Science of Communication
  • Sociology
  • PCommunication Technology
  • Psychology

Second Year - Subject Listing

  • History of Electronic Media
  • Communicative English
  • News Writing
  • Economics
  • Radio and Print Production


Third Year - Subject Listing


  • Media Management
  • Communication Research
  • ONew Media
  • OMultimedia Production
  • Media Laws and Ethics

Awarded By:- Himalayan University 

Himalayan University a name tagged to enhance the strength of higher education while offering the quality and nurtureful education in almost every theme of major disciplines. Himalayan University being as a top ranking university of India commits to bring the student with bright future.

Awards & Achievements of Himalayan University
  • National Education Excellence Award 2015
  • Best university of the year (East)
  • Best Start Up University
  • Innovation in Rural Education
  • e-Campus Award For Higher Education

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Course Fees

Per Year Fees - £1000/-