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Bachelor of science 

(Computer Science)

The significant advancement in technology, which is included in almost every segment of the industry, has created the need for the preliminary course in computer application. The course inside specializes mainly for students who show an ability in computing programming, networking and hardware security and want to this field. This course places the special emphasis on how to work with different computer applications.


Computer science is the subject where students get detail course curriculum that includes computer applications, programming, hardware and networking concepts, data warehousing and lots more where after completing the course students can apply for IT engineer or can also go for further education in Information technology



Firsy Year - Semester I - Subject Listing

  • Computer fundamentals
  • Programming in C
  • Logical Organization of Computer - I
  • Programming in C (P)

Firsy Year - Semester II - Subject Listing
  • PC - Software
  • Logical Organization of Computer - II
  • Digital logic fundamentals
  • PC Software (P)

Second Year - Semester I - Subject Listing


  • Data Structure Using C
  • Structured System Analysis & Design
  • Object Oriented Programming with C++
  • Objected Oriented Programming with C++ (P)

Second Year - Semester II - Subject Listing


  • Operating Systems
  • Programming in Visual Basic
  • Microprocessors & Applications
  • Visual Programming (P)
  • Training

Third Year - Semester I - Subject Listing


  • Introduction to Data Base Systems
  • Programming in Java
  • Unix Programming
  • Java Programming (P)

Third Year - Semester II - Subject Listing

  • Computer Networks
  • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Web Technology
  • RDBMS (P)
  • Project Work

Awarded By:- Himalayan University 

Himalayan University a name tagged to enhance the strength of higher education while offering the quality and nurtureful education in almost every theme of major disciplines. Himalayan University being as a top ranking university of India commits to bring the student with bright future.

Awards & Achievements of Himalayan University
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  • Best university of the year (East)
  • Best Start Up University
  • Innovation in Rural Education
  • e-Campus Award For Higher Education

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Course Fees

Annual Fees - £1500/-