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 Graduate School of Management Mini-MBA (Marketing)


Graduate School of Management Mini-MBA(Marketing) is a training regimen focused on the fundamentals of Marketing. Our Mini-MBA programs are a non-credit bearing program that includes blended learning (combination of intensive classroom based, interactive workshop and E-learning material provided by Graduate School of Management). This course will give a clear idea regarding the full MBA program and gives the opportunity to decide if you wish to pursue MBA or other Management awards.





Module Listing


Analysing the Competition
What are my competitors doing, how are they doing it, why are they doing it? Reviewing and analysing competitor actions to enhance managerial roles.


Marketing Strategy 
Creating an effective and successful market presence. Looking at the development of marketing strategies to create successful marketing campaigns.


High Performance Sales
Learners will grasp the key elements of successful selling.


E-Marketing Communication
Understanding and using effective electronic messages to market.


Customers and their Needs
Ensuring that your customers are recognised and valued.


Module Breakdown


 Analysing the Competition

  • Types of Competition
  • Looking at Your Own Strengths
  • Looking at the Competition
  • Researching the Competition


 Marketing Strategy

  • Markets, Market Segmentation and Products
  • Scanning the Marketing Environment
  • Developing Market Strategies
  • Market Entry Strategies and Routes to Market
  • Marketing Mix, Marketing Plan and Market Management


 High Performance Sales


  • Distinguishing between Sales and Marketing
  • Identifying Key Aspects of the Art of Sales
  • Understanding the Role of Peripheral Sales Elements
  • Assessing the Characteristics of Different Sales Types
  • Measuring Sales Performance

 E-Marketing Communications

  • e-Marketing Communication Characteristics
  • The Use of Traditional e-Marketing Techniques
  • The Role of Emerging e-Marketing Techniques
  • Measuring Effectiveness of e-Marketing Communication
  • Future Developments in e-Marketing Communication


 Customers and Their Needs

  • Putting the Customer First
  • Quality and Customers
  • Grouping Customers

Completion Award


On Completion of the program and all the modules. Student will be getting:- 
Certificate of Mini-MBA (Marketing) from the University of Northampton.
(This is a non-credit bearing course)

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