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 Graduate School Mini MBA (Project Management)


Graduate School of Management Mini-MBA(Project Management) is a training regimen focused on the fundamentals of Project Management. Our Mini-MBA programs are a non-credit bearing program that includes blended learning (intensive classroom based, interactive workshop and self-learning material provided by Graduate School of Management). This course will give a clear idea regarding the full MBA program and gives the opportunity to decide if you wish to pursue MBA or other Management awards.



Module Listing


Managing Projects
Getting things done. Using the right tools to run projects.


Implementing and Managing Quality Systems
Right first time, right every time. The place of quality in business strategy.


Innovation and R&D
Creating commercial advantage from innovation and research.


Making Decisions
Doing the right things in the right way at the right time. Learners will look at the process of making a good decision.


Motivating and Influencing People
Inspiring people to create a unity of direction within business.


Module Breakdown

 Managing Projects

  • Projects: The Basics
  • Initiation, Definition and Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring, Control and Closure


 Implementing and Managing Quality Systems

  • Quality Concepts and Quality Management Defined
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control

 Innovation and R&D

  • The Key Ideas
  • The Innovation Process
  • Identifying and evaluating opportunities
  • Innovation and the Organization


 Making Decisions

  • The Importance of Making Decisions
  • Collecting Information
  • Identifying the Options
  • Making the Decision

 Motivating and Influencing People

  • What Motivates People?
  • How can managers motivate people?
  • Influencing people
  • Assessing your own performance

Completion Award


On Completion of the program and all the modules. Student will be getting:-  
Certificate of Mini-MBA (Project Management) from the University of Northampton.
(This is a non-credit bearing course)

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