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Diploma in Computer Programming

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This career path provides an excellent starting point for those looking to get into the programming arena. One going down this path will get exposure to programming concepts, introductory web programming, an introduction to Java, and exposure to mobile application development. A common position for this career path is that of a junior programmer or junior developer. In this position, one can use skills acquired in training and learn more skills to create upward mobility in a programming career. One can also decide which specialization, if any, to follow, whether that be general app development, web apps, or mobile apps.


Coures Included

  • Microsoft Word 2019
  • Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Introduction to Programming course
  • MTA 98-383 Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
  • MTA 98-382 Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
  • MTA 98-381 Introduction to Programming Using Python
  • MTA 98-368 Mobility and Device Fundamentals
  • MTA 98-388 Introduction to Programming Using Java
Time to Complete

400 clock hours or 9-12 months

Likely Job Titles

  • Computer Programmer Analyst
  • Internet Programmer
  • Application Programmer Analyst
  • Java Developer • Programmer Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Programmer
  • Web Programmer
  • Web Applications Programmer

Median Salary 
£22,000 - £70,000 

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This course is available on distance learning , online and class room based.


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