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Critical Thinking & Crisis Management

(Professional Develeopment Workshop)

Delegates will explore the key concepts involved in making decisions under pressure. Delegates will be trained in effective processes to build their confidence, competence, agility and adaptability to survive and thrive through challenging circumstances. This course is designed for leaders and commanders at the operational and tactical level.


Course Content:-


Day 1:

Critical Thinking / Crisis response strategy Training. 5 lectures with facilitated discussion between each session. The content focuses on initially framing and describing the problem - What is a Crisis? How do we plan to respond and resolve? What are the key assets and strategies required? Ops room design and manning best practice? Response force at readiness and if so how sustainable is it?

Day 2:

Best practice for collation & fusion of intelligence in an ops room, dissemination of intelligence to front line units or responders (The Do-ers!), a clearly defined briefing process and delivery of briefs / orders.

Day 3:

Crisis response strategy – applying a Special Forces concept: Find / Fix / Finish / Exploit / Analysis / dissemination.

Day 4:

Table-top exercise/ scenario-based ‘walk through - talk through’ to contextualise the key points of the last 3 days.

Day 5:

Conclusion and round-up. Opportunity for the delegates to ask and explore relevant questions and theories with the team of instructors. Case study from a relevant operation. 


The University of Northampton will deliver this programme. To ensure the delegates receive the best possible experience, delivery staff will comprise of a combination of approachable and experienced in the real world academic staff and subject-matter experts, including current / recently retired members of the Special Forces, other defence practitioners; industry experts (e.g. crisis management in UK utilities). The experience and insight of the external resources combined with the academic delivery provides a truly unique experience.



This programme is a non-credit bearing professional development workshop that will provide all attendees with a University Certificate of Completion.

Entry Requirements

Whilst no formal qualifications are required for entry, we would expect all attendees to be able to work at a minimum of degree level.

Duration of Study

5 days


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