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Cyber Security End User Extended

(Professional Develeopment Workshop)


Part 1 - Raising the Standard

Course Summary

In an increasingly Internet-based world, where security is an ongoing challenge and staying abreast of all potential threats is virtually impossible, the programme will deliver not only technical skills and awareness, but human-based strategies for safe cyber-working practices, cultures and risk management. As the information security director of a global IT company remarked, cyber-security is about “people not boxes”.

Course Content

The BSI’s (Publically Available Standard) PAS 555 on Cyber Security Risk aims at enabling organisations to have better situational awareness of the cyber risk environment and take an outcome-based approach to enhancing cyber -security – elements endorsed in the UK’s national Cyber Security Strategy. This programme will enable delegates with no previous experience of cyber or information security to grasp the essential concepts and risks in this subject area. Delegates will be able to understand the key characteristics of modern cyber intrusion, advanced persistent threats (APT), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, social engineering, insider threat and open source intelligence.

We are also able to provide advanced technical cyber-security training and solutions, tailored to the clients’ specific needs.

Part 2 - Beyond Pure Technological risk

Course Summary

The UK government’s Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CPNI) notes that: “As individuals and organizations improve their physical and electronic defences, those wishing to gain access to premises or acquire sensitive information may attempt to exploit people within the organisation who already have legitimate access”.

Course Content

This module will introduce delegates to cutting edge insights and counter-measures to improve situational awareness of risks, online reconnaissance, human security challenges and insider threat. Delegates will have the opportunity to plan and receive feedback on ways of growing a positive cyber-security culture in their organisation.


Delivery Method 


The University of Northampton will deliver this programme. To ensure the delegates receive the best possible experience, delivery staff will comprise of a combination of approachable and experienced in the real world academic staff and subject-matter experts, including current / recently retired members of the Special Forces, other defence practitioners; industry experts (e.g. crisis management in UK utilities). The experience and insight of the external resources combined with the academic delivery provides a truly unique experience.



This programme is a non-credit bearing professional development workshop that will provide all attendees with a University Certificate of Completion.


Entry Requirements

Whilst no formal qualifications are required for entry, we would expect all attendees to be able to work at a minimum of degree level.


Duration of Study

5 days



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