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Leadership & Decision Making Under Pressure

(Professional Develeopment Workshop)

Course Summary

This programme will instruct delegates in techniques and strategies associated with crisis management, decision-making cycle and business continuity and enable the delegates to take part in a scenario-based table top exercise where they will each be expected to act in key roles and use the techniques and strategies previously taught.

Course Content

Instructors will explore some key concepts and also train delegates in effective processes to build their confidence, competence, agility and adaptability to avoid, survive and thrive through crisis. Delegates will be able to understand what changes they need to apply to their organisations to ensure that plans and processes are triggered at the right time, in the right way and with the right strength. As an event unfolds, they will know what their risk appetite is for handling and managing incomplete and inconsistent information and have a model of the people and technology the business continuity response requires to be appropriately effective. Finally, they will also have the skills to plan or commission hard-hitting exercises of their refined and resilient plans and processes.

Concepts and content will include

  • Need for businesses to have an immune capability and response to a range of risks 
  • Reflex actions in the golden hour of a potential or full crisis 
  • Pre-emptive reconnaissance to better understand the business risk environment 
  • Implementing mission command to streamline decision-making 
  • Use of policy, permissions and authorities


Delivery Method 


The University of Northampton will deliver this programme. To ensure the delegates receive the best possible experience, delivery staff will comprise of a combination of approachable and experienced in the real world academic staff and subject-matter experts, including current / recently retired members of the Special Forces, other defence practitioners; industry experts (e.g. crisis management in UK utilities). The experience and insight of the external resources combined with the academic delivery provides a truly unique experience.



This programme is a non-credit bearing professional development workshop that will provide all attendees with a University Certificate of Completion.


Entry Requirements

Whilst no formal qualifications are required for entry, we would expect all attendees to be able to work at a minimum of degree level.


Duration of Study

5 days



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Contact Details 

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