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Resilience in the Supply Chain

(Professional Develeopment Workshop)

Course Summary

Given the massive range of risks that supply-chains are potentially vulnerable to, organisations need to have a robust, proactive and agile resilience plan which actively scans for risk and enables pre-emptive decision-making, mitigation and crisis management.

Course Content

This programme enables delegates to develop or improve a supply chain resilience plan for their organisation and will cover the following content:

  • Principles and best practice 
  • Governance 
  • Roles, responsibilities and resources 
  • Assets 
  • Risk 
  • Resilience culture 
  • Consequences of supply chain failure 
  • Response to supply chain crisis 
  • Scenario-planning and lean exercises 
  • Decision-making and leadership strategies under pressure 
  • Audit, exercises, implementation of lessons identified

Delivery Method 


The University of Northampton will deliver this programme. To ensure the delegates receive the best possible experience, delivery staff will comprise of a combination of approachable and experienced in the real world academic staff and subject-matter experts, including current / recently retired members of the Special Forces, other defence practitioners; industry experts (e.g. crisis management in UK utilities). The experience and insight of the external resources combined with the academic delivery provides a truly unique experience.



This programme is a non-credit bearing professional development workshop that will provide all attendees with a University Certificate of Completion.


Entry Requirements

Whilst no formal qualifications are required for entry, we would expect all attendees to be able to work at a minimum of degree level.


Duration of Study

5 days



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Contact Details 

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